Thursday, May 23, 2013

[Gd] GDC’13: Learn how to build games on Google Cloud Platform

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Cloud Platform Blog: GDC’13: Learn how to build games on Google Cloud Platform

At the Game Developers Conference last month, we held a day of sessions showing developers how to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform to build all kinds of different games. We invited some of our top developers to share their stories and best practices, including LeanPlum, who is building a powerful mobile optimization platform, EA, who is building some really amazing games, and Staq, who is creating a unique game management platform. Check out the videos of the sessions below and let us know what you think.

Intro to Google Cloud Platform - PaaS, IaaS, Storage, Analytics (48:18 min)

Google Cloud Platform has everything needed to build highly scalable applications.  Launch an app without system administrators, while having the ultimate flexibility of root on a virtual machine.  Get high performance asset hosting, and analyze terabyte-sized data to optimize games.

Connect Mobile Apps to the Cloud Without Breaking a Sweat (43:50 min)

Google Cloud Endpoints makes it easy to build OAuth 2-protected, RESTful APIs and instantly generate client libraries for Android, iOS, and JavaScript. See how you can use this feature to trivially connect your Android, iOS, and mobile browser applications to powerful backends built on App Engine.

Create Amazingly Scalable Games on Google Cloud Platform (40:35 min)

Quickly deliver compelling game experiences by leveraging the scalability of Google App Engine combined with the unlimited flexibility of virtual machines on Google Compute Engine. From 1 to 100,000 cores, learn how to unleash your next great game on Google Cloud Platform.

Understanding Your Players Using Near Real-time Data Analytics (41:20 min)

The volume of data generated by games can be immense and the insights one can derive from them invaluable. Learn how to analyze player behavior, virality, segment users, and understand retention in near real-time using //staq and Google BigQuery.

How EA Builds Mobile Game Servers on Google App Engine (44:23 min)

Electronic Arts presents an overview of how Google App Engine propels the production of back-end servers required for connected, social games on mobile, with real-world applications of the platform's services and built-in automatic scaling.

- Posted by Ryan Boyd, Developer Advocate

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