Saturday, April 6, 2013

[Gd] The OpenSocial Explorer: A Tool For OpenSocial Developers

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OpenSocial API Blog: The OpenSocial Explorer: A Tool For OpenSocial Developers

Today the OpenSocial Foundation released the OpenSocial Explorer, a new open source project meant to help developers learn how to build OpenSocial gadgets.

One of the biggest challenges any developer faces when trying to learn a new framework or component model is how to get started. OpenSocial has a robust and mature set of features that bring a tremendous amount of power to the developer. As every developer knows, it doesn't matter how easy a platform is to understand if you don't have something to help you get started!

The OpenSocial Explorer is meant to address this exact issue. It's goal is simple: Get you up and running in minutes.

The OpenSocial Explorer provides developers with sample gadgets demonstrating how to use various features of the OpenSocial specification. It allows developers to modify those samples and quickly re-render the application to explore how those changes effect the gadget. This not only allows you an easy way to understand all the features of OpenSocial but provides a great jumping off point for getting started with your own gadget.

The OpenSocial Explorer is a community effort and we are constantly adding new samples. We are also looking to host a version of this to further accelerate the launch time.

Within in the coming months we will try to address both of these but we need your help! We are looking for people interested in contributing to the project. We welcome all contributions so if you are interested in helping out evolve the project please contribute whatever you can! See the project page for information on how to get started. We encourage everyone to contribute back to the OpenSocial Explorer, however, we realize that may not be possible in all cases. So, if you find bugs or would like new features, please create a GitHub issue.

Check out the video below and get started today!!!!

Posted on behalf of Ryan Baxter by Mark Weitzel, President, OpenSocial Foundation


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