Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Gd] Retiring a Few Apps Script Components

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Google Apps Developer Blog: Retiring a Few Apps Script Components

Right now, Apps Script developers have three competing ways to create user interfaces: Ui Service, a visual tool for Ui Service called GUI Builder, and Html Service, which we launched at Google I/O in 2012. We designed Html Service specifically to help developers build complex applications by letting them work with familiar libraries like jQuery and jQuery UI.

Today, we are deprecating GUI Builder and five UiApp widgets — but not Ui Service itself. This will help us further focus our development efforts on Html Service.

The GUI Builder will continue to be available until September 9, 2013. After that point, you will not be able to create or manage GUI Builder components, although existing components will still function. The five deprecated UiApp widgets are Hyperlink, InlineHyperlink, LayoutPanel, RichTextArea, and SuggestBox. These widgets will be also available until September 9, 2013, at which point they will cease to function.

To plan for the future, we recommend that you migrate your user interfaces to Html Service, which will offer the best combination of features and support in the long term.

Meanwhile, we have a few awesome new features planned for 2013. Although we’re not quite ready to announce those features, I dropped a few hints when Arun Nagarajan interviewed me for a State of the Script episode on Google Developers Live last month. Give it a watch, and I’m sure you’ll be as excited about the future of Apps Script as we are.

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