Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Gd] On the track with Chrome Super Sync Sports

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Chromium Blog: On the track with Chrome Super Sync Sports

Earlier today we launched Chrome Super Sync Sports. It’s an interactive web game that enables up to four friends to compete in running, swimming and cycling events on a shared computer screen, using their smartphones or tablets as game controllers.

Chrome Super Sync Sports was built with the latest browser technologies:
  • Touch APIs to recognise gestures made on your smartphone and tablet. 
  • WebSockets are used to deliver immediate real-time playback across all the players in your group and to update the main game screen as you play. 
  • Finally, CSS3, SVG and Canvas provide rich visuals and an immersive experience. 
In the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing an article on HTML5 Rocks with more information on how we built this experience. You can follow +Google Chrome Developers to learn when the article will be live.

In the meantime, enjoy competing with your friends at and be sure to open Chrome’s developer tools to see what happens under the track!

Posted by Paul Kinlan, Developer Advocate

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