Thursday, February 14, 2013

[Gd] App Engine 1.7.5 Released

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Google App Engine Blog: App Engine 1.7.5 Released

After a brief break last month, the App Engine team is back on our monthly release cycle.  We made lots of improvements to our platform in 2012 and look forward to delivering more this year.

In 1.7.5, we are releasing High-Memory Instances and Mail Bounce Notifications to General Availability.  We’ve heard the feedback that you would like to have more memory without having to pay for more CPU.  With this release, you can now utilize F4 or B4 instances with 1GB memory, which is double the amount of memory available before. Mail Bounce Notifications notify apps when mail sent through App Engine fails to deliver, so you’ll always know whether your communications are going through.

We are also introducing Experimental support for the Java 7 runtime and Google Cloud Endpoints.  Improvements in Java 7 include strings in switch statements, improved type inference for generic instance creation, and the ability to use InvokeDynamic().  Cloud Endpoints makes it easy to expose your code as RESTful and RPC services that can be easily consumed by your own web and mobile applications. Finally, an update to the Google Plugin for Eclipse makes it possible for developers to build App Engine backends that communicate with client-side Android applications via Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Cloud Endpoints.

The complete list of features and bug fixes for 1.7.5 can be found in our release notes. For App Engine coding questions and answers check us out on Stack Overflow, and for general discussion and feedback, find us on our Google Group.  You can also subscribe to the Google Cloud Platform newsletter and read our February edition.  

-Posted by Chris Ramsdale, Product Manager


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