Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Gd] Join the Google Drive SDK Early Access Program

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Google Apps Developer Blog: Join the Google Drive SDK Early Access Program

We're looking for a small set of developers that are committed to building apps for Google Drive to join our Google Drive SDK early access program. Participants will get early access to upcoming features and the opportunity to shape the direction of the SDK. This is an ongoing program covering multiple aspects of the API, and there are two new features that we're ready to share with developers.

Google Drive Realtime API

Some of you might have already heard of the upcoming Google Drive Realtime API at Google IO 2012. The Google Drive Realtime API will allow you to use the technology that powers the realtime collaboration features of Google products such as Google Docs and Google Sheets in your own application. It will handle all aspects of data transmission, storage, and conflict resolution when multiple users are editing.

We are looking for trusted testers for what will be a short and intense pre-release phase of the Drive Realtime API. Good candidates will be:

  • People who are able to start testing and integrating the API very soon ( next week!)
  • Web based applications: The API is currently JavaScript-only
  • Those who have a good use case for a realtime technology (like web based editors or even web based games...)
  • Committed to having their integration ready for the launch of the API

Google Drive API Push Notifications

We also told developers about an upcoming Push Notifications system at Google IO 2012. Push Notifications will allow you to get near-instant notifications when files are modified in Google Drive. In the past you would typically have had to frequently poll the Drive API to check if files have been modified to obtain similar results, Push notifications makes this super efficient.

Please fill out our signup form to tell us more about your use case and we’ll contact you shortly.

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Nicolas Garnier joined Google’s Developer Relations in 2008 and lives in Zurich. He is a Developer Advocate for Google Drive and Google Apps. Nicolas is also the lead engineer for the OAuth 2.0 Playground.

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