Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Gd] Faster, simpler search in Chrome

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Chromium Blog: Faster, simpler search in Chrome

Since we launched Chrome, the team has continued to work on ways to make it fast and simple for people to use. To that end, we’re going to begin testing variations of Chrome’s New Tab page (NTP) in which a user’s default search provider will be able to add a search box or otherwise customize the NTP. While you can search straight from the omnibox in Chrome, we’ve found that many people still navigate to their search engine's home page to initiate a search instead. The goal is to save people time by helping them search and navigate the web faster.

We’ll also allow search engines to display the user’s search terms right in the omnibox, which avoids the need for a second search box on the results page. This new capability, along with other ways to improve search suggestions, are exposed in a new Embedded Search API, an extension of the existing SearchBox API. Search engines can implement any part of the specification if they’d like their users to experience a customized variation of the NTP experience.

Starting today, a small set of users on Dev channel on Windows and Chrome OS, who have Google selected as their search provider, will begin seeing variations of the new experience. Mac will be coming soon. We look forward to your feedback and bug reports, which you can file against the InstantExtended feature on

Posted by David Holloway, Software Engineer

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