Friday, November 23, 2012

[Gd] Migrating to Google Apps just got easier

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Google Apps Developer Blog: Migrating to Google Apps just got easier

Ever wondered how to move your organization’s emails from a shared mailbox or a public folder when migrating to Google Apps for Business?

We’ve just launched the Google Apps Groups Migration API that provides Google Apps developers the ability to build tools that can move shared emails from any data source (typically shared mailboxes, public folders and discussion databases) to their domain’s Google Groups discussion archives. Google Groups provides a simple and easy way to ‘tag’ the migrated emails into manageable groups that can be easily accessed by users with group membership.

This new api complements existing Google Groups api’s like Google Apps Provisioning API which can be used to create new groups (to which the shared emails can then be migrated using the newly launched API) and Google Apps Groups Settings API which can be used to control access to the group. The addition of the Google Apps Groups Migration API thus makes the ‘shared folder’ experience seamless even after migration to Google Apps. To learn more and try out this new feature visit Google Developers.

Rishi Dhand profile

Rishi Dhand is a product manager working for the Google apps for business team. In addition to working on data migration features, he also works Google apps administration platform with focus on building new security and admin reporting features. In his free time, he enjoys playing squash and badminton.


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