Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[Gd] Come see us at OW2Con and be a part of the OpenSocial EU Workshop!

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OpenSocial API Blog: Come see us at OW2Con and be a part of the OpenSocial EU Workshop!

We are excited to announce we will be in Paris from November 27-29, 2012 to be a part of OW2Con. OW2Con is the annual conference for the OW2 consortium, which is an open source foundation focusing on open source middleware components. OpenSocial aligns nicely with that, and as such we are excited to be one of the Platinum sponsors for the event. Mark Weitzel, president of the OpenSocial foundation, will be keynoting at the conference on the changing landscape of social business and how open source is a part of it.

In addition, we will be holding a one-day workshop on November 27th, highlighting the shift to Social Middleware components in the industry today. We'll showcase how various companies are adopting this today and how they are doing it, and will provide the opportunity for hands-on demos of the technology and learning how to begin building OpenSocial container objects and leveraging embedded experiences. Learn more about the day's schedule at http://www.ow2.org/view/OW2Con-2012/OpenSocial_Workshop.

Both events are free to be a part of, but advanced registration is requested. You can register for the events at http://www.ow2.org/view/OW2Con-2012/OpenSocial_Workshop_Register . We look forward to seeing everyone there!
URL: http://blog.opensocial.org/2012/11/come-see-us-at-ow2con-and-be-part-of.html

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