Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Gd] Backstage at JAM with Chrome

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Chromium Blog: Backstage at JAM with Chrome

Earlier today we launched JAM with Chrome. JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that enables friends in different locations to play music together in the Chrome browser on their computers.

JAM with Chrome was built with the latest browser technologies:
  • Web Audio for high fidelity playback without resorting to lots of pre-recorded audio samples. 
  • WebSockets is used to deliver immediate real-time playback across all the members of the band ensuring they stay in sync and playing from the same tab sheet. 
  • Finally, CSS3, SVG and Canvas provide rich visuals and an immersive experience.
To learn more about how we built this experience, check out “How we made the Audio rock”. This is the first of three HTML5 Rocks articles that describes how the team used Web Audio to deliver an absorbing auditory experience. Stay tuned for more developer stories by following +Google Chrome Developers.

Enjoy playing music with friends at and be sure to open Chrome’s developer tools to see what’s going on backstage!

Posted by Paul Kinlan, Developer Advocate

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