Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Gd] New Image Metadata for the Google Drive SDK

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Google Apps Developer Blog: New Image Metadata for the Google Drive SDK

Do you like to store photos in Google Drive? You are not alone! Photographs are one of the most common file types stored in Google Drive. The Google Drive API now exposes Exif data for photos, so that Google Drive Apps can use it. The Exif data contains information about camera settings and photo attributes.

Despite being an awful photographer, I love photographing benches, and here is one I took while at the beach. Let’s have a look at some of these new fields for this photo.

When I examine the metadata for this image using a drive.files.get call, there is now a field, imageMediaMetadata, containing the detailed photo information:

"imageMediaMetadata": {
"width": 2888,
"height": 1000,
"rotation": 0,
"date": "2012:07:08 15:22:25",
"cameraMake": "NIKON CORPORATION",
"cameraModel": "NIKON D90",
"exposureTime": 8.0E-4,
"aperture": 5.6,
"flashUsed": false,
"focalLength": 105.0,
"isoSpeed": 200

So whether you are just storing your amateur snaps like me, or using Google Drive to store serious photographs, we hope this will be useful information for Drive apps. For example, a photo organizing application will be able to create thumbnail and information views for photos without ever having to download them.

For more information, please visit our documentation, and if you have any technical questions, please ask them on StackOverflow. Our team are waiting to hear from you.

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