Monday, February 13, 2012

[Gd] New resources for Chrome Developers

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Chromium Blog: New resources for Chrome Developers

All good things come in threes. So, this week, the Chrome Developer Relations team is releasing three new resources for developers.

First, we are making available a brand new Field Guide to Web Applications, to help developers create great web apps. This guide walks you through topics like app design fundamentals, tips for creating great experiences and a few case studies that put the best practices to use. Whether you're building your first web app or are just looking for ways to improve your existing apps, we hope you'll find the field guide useful.

Second, our popular HTML5 site,, was also remodeled to better organize the site's content. You’ll now find new "persona pages" with catered content in 3 different verticals (Games, Business, Mobile). In addition, we consolidated many of the different components, and deeply integrated the HTML5 technology classes to bring a better identity to the site.

Finally, we've also joined Google+ with a new page specifically for Chrome Developers. Whether you’re building modern web apps, using Dart or WebRTC, we’ll be there to help you! Keep your eyes open for our weekly hangouts and add us to your circles.

Posted by Eric Bidelman & Pete LePage

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