Saturday, January 21, 2012

[Gd] Real-time Communications in Chrome

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Chromium Blog: Real-time Communications in Chrome

Since we open sourced WebRTC this past summer, we’ve been working hard with browser vendors to integrate WebRTC technology in their products. Today, we reached an important milestone: WebRTC is now integrated in the Chrome browser available on the dev channel.

Building industry-leading voice and video capabilities into the browser makes it easier for web developers to incorporate real time communications in their apps. Instead of relying on custom, OS specific, proprietary plug-ins, they can now easily build and maintain their apps using a few simple JavaScript APIs and have the browser do the heavy lifting.

Even though WebRTC is still evolving, we are receiving feedback from the standards process in W3C and IETF and there are already plenty of apps in development. For example, companies like Polycom, Vonage,, Firespotter, Siemens, Nimbuzz and PCCW are currently actively developing browser based solutions using WebRTC.If you are interested to learn more on how you can use WebRTC in your app, review our documentation, join our developer discussion group and go to the WebRTC blog for more details. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Posted by Niklas Enbom, Software Engineer

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