Friday, December 31, 2010

[Gd] GTAC #5: videos, slides, abstracts

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Google Testing Blog: GTAC #5: videos, slides, abstracts

The published content for this year's GTAC is finally available. You can find the links to all the material below and also at the GTAC site. Other interesting artifacts can be found via Google Search or Twitter or Facebook..

On behalf of the Committee and Google I want to thank all the speakers, attendees and volunteers who made this event a great professional engagement. Some moments of the conference are captured in

Looking forward to next year’s GTAC in the city of Google’s headquarters.

Happy Holidays.
Sujay Sahni for the GTAC 2010 Committee

Day 1

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Sujay Sahni, Google Inc. & GTAC Committee Chair
video slides

Day 1 Opening Keynote
What Testability Tells us About the Software Performance Envelope
Robert Victor Binder, Founder and CEO, mVerify
video slides abstract

Twist, a next generation functional testing tool for building and evolving test suites
Vivek Prahlad, ThoughtWorks
video slides abstract

The Future of Front-End Testing
Greg Dennis & Simon Stewart, Google Inc.
video slides abstract

Lightning Talks/Interactive Session
GTAC Attendees
video slides

Testivus on Testability
Alberto Savoia, Google Inc.
video slides

Lessons Learned from Testability Failures
Esteban Manchado Velázquez, Opera Software ASA
video slides abstract

Git Bisect and Testing
Christian Couder
video slides abstract

Flexible Design? Testable Design? You Don’t Have To Choose!
Russ Rufer & Tracy Bialik, Google Inc.
video slides abstract

Day 2

Day 2 Opening Keynote
Automatically Generating Test Data for Web Applications
Jeff Offutt, Professor of Software Engineering, Volgenau School of Information and Technology, George Mason University
video slides abstract

Early Test Feedback by Test Prioritisation
Shin Yoo, University College London & Robert Nilsson, Google Inc.
video slides abstract

Measuring and Monitoring Experience in Interactive Streaming Applications
Shreeshankar Chatterjee, Adobe Systems India
video slides abstract

Crowd Source Testing, Mozilla Community Style
Matt Evans, Mozilla
video slides abstract

Lightning Talks/Interactive Session
GTAC Attendees
video slides

Closing Keynote - Turning Quality on its Head
James Whittaker, Engineering Director, Google Inc.
video slides abstract

Closing Panel Discussion
GTAC Attendees

Closing Remarks
Sujay Sahni, Google Inc. & GTAC Committee Chair
video slides

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[Gd] Holiday reminder about IDs

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AdWords API Blog: Holiday reminder about IDs

Whether you recently updated your code or just started with the AdWords API, please keep in mind that IDs of all entities are represented as xsd:long (64 bit signed integer) values. It is important to note that if your code stores ID values in a data type with lower range, the value may suffer from integer overflow.

As always, please post any questions to the AdWords API Forum.

-- Stan Grinberg, AdWords API Team

[Gd] "It's on Google! YAY!" - Getting webmaster help in our forum

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Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: "It's on Google! YAY!" - Getting webmaster help in our forum

Webmaster level: all

It's been a bit more than five years now that our Webmaster Help Forum has been up and running, helping webmasters around the world. Over the years, over tens of thousands of users have discussed various topics in well over 100,000 threads, helping each other to improve their websites and to solve a variety of issues that web publishers are confronted with. Among those users is a group that we call the "Bionic Posters," users who have proven to be consistently helpful and knowledgeable, selflessly helping others to tackle seemingly insurmountable problems.

It's great to have such an awesome community -- but thanks is best said by those who are helped. Here is some of the feedback that we collected this year:
  • "Thank you for the time you have spent helping me. It is genuinely appreciated."
  • "Thank you to everyone who helped with my problem! My creaky old 1996 era website is all cleaned up and doing just fine now! Good Guys Rule!"
  • "WOW!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help! I was reluctant to post because I thought you guys might think my site is too small, too insignificant, etc. Thanks so much! To me, it's a BIG deal!"
  • "My traffic has doubled and I am now either top or close to the top in search terms"
  • "Thanks. Hopefully my late night paid off then, all the help and information has been great!!!!!!!"
  • "Wow Webado Thank You Again.. You Really Know Your stuff! (…) You Are a True professional and Seriously The Only Person That Could Even Figure This out. I even Spoke to Other Top Specialists and YOU were the Only one who told me what to do and what was wrong."
  • "You are AMAZING! Thank you so much!"
  • "Finally, thanks so much for your concern and prompt reply, Squibble. Can't imagine a person would deligated his efforts to someones you don't even know and met. (…) Thanks for your help!! It means everything to me!"
  • "Wow thanks so much! I have just been to the hot springs in Banos Ecuador, the volcano is rumbling and the town has evacuated but I am still here talking Apache, now that is dedication, I will test your helpfulness out 2moro! Thanks so much!!!"
  • "It worked! Thank you very much for your help Cristina :)"
  • "I could NEVER have seen what's possible without this forum. I am so grateful."
  • "Thank you so much for your detailed response to my questions. In 10 years of me having a website, no one has explained these concepts better to me than you did."
  • "IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much for saving me the grief and embarrassment of this problem. I truly appreciate both your knowledge and guidance."
  • "Thank you so much for such a detailed answer and putting into terms I can easily understand. (…) Where shall I send the batch of brownies?"
  • "Thank you so much Squibble you are a hero. I have done what it says and i will check to see if i appear in google! Thanks again!"
  • "you guys are amazing! thank you so much redleg! (…) and if you happen to ever be in san carlos give me a shout - you deserve at least a beer and a lunch! "
  • "Thank you Squibble, Vanessa, Cristina, and Ishigaki for weighing in on this and helping me. I hope I can pay it forward one day."
  • "Great info Guys. I really appreciate it. It was awesome of y'all to help me out. I really appreciate it. Thank you."
  • "Your amazing :-) i love you lol xx im sorted now thanks and never in a million years would i have found that out!"
  • "THANK YOU! I love Google and appreciate that they have these safety precautions in place for those nasty hackets - especially when we can fix the problem! Thanks so much for your help. Whew."
  • "Thank you very much, Robbo! With a little tweaking it worked perfectly!"
  • "yay!!! I think it finally went through - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

If you have a question that you would like to ask, a problem that you need help with, we'd love to see you in the forums! We just ask that you please take the time to read through our frequently asked questions, and search the forum before posting. Chances are high that a question like yours has already been answered. Tell us a little bit about yourself and then join us to learn more and help others!

Posted by John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Gd] New Fonts for the New Year

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Google Web Fonts: New Fonts for the New Year

The Google Font team is excited to announce the addition of a handful of high-quality web fonts for you to use freely on your website or blog. With this addition, the Google Font Directory has almost doubled in font selection compared to last month! We'd like to thank the font designers responsible for such a great collection of premium (and free) web fonts.

To use any of these new web fonts, simply click the "Use this font" tab on any of the font pages and paste the snippet into your pages. Google will take care of the rest. Without further delay, here is the all star lineup: