Thursday, January 10, 2008

[Gd] An OpenSocial HappyHour party with Gears

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Google Code Blog: An OpenSocial HappyHour party with Gears

Chandra Patni is an engineer at IGN who saw a good way to develop using OpenSocial. Some hacking later, and he ended up with happyhour, an open source OpenSocial container powered by Google Gears.

Brad Neuberg and myself got together with Chandra to discuss the project.

In the conversation below you will hear about:
  • How happyhour increases developer productivity when building OpenSocial components
  • How designers have been able to work with his OpenSocial applications with happyhour
  • How happyhour differs from another open source container, Apache Shindig
  • His experience, and lessons learned using Gears
  • How he added support for ISO dates for Gears using SQLite

There is room for potential collaboration with Apache Shindig too. The projects can share the same data format, or happyhour could even hook into Apache Shindig in some way.

If you would like to make changes on the fly as you develop your OpenSocial applications, then give happyhour a look. Want to see a few more details about the code? Read more over at the Gears blog.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

[Gd] 2007 Wrap Up: A Map-tastic Year!

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Official Google Maps API Blog: 2007 Wrap Up: A Map-tastic Year!

Almost exactly a year ago, I joined the Maps API team to be a middleman(woman) between the literally thousands of Google Maps API developers and our internal Geo teams. So this post is both a summary of the 2007 and my first year here. I originally anticipated this being a short post until I started reviewing posts for the last 12 months, and realized that it's been a mighty eventful year. Get yourself a cup of joe (or boba, my fav) and get ready to look back on 2007:

New API features:
  • New classes:
    • GPolygon: Create shapes on top of the map.
    • GGeoXml: Overlay KML or GeoRSS files from any domain on the map (with support for advanced features like Network Links in KML).
    • GGroundOverlay: Overlay an image over a given GLatLngBounds. (From KML's GroundOverlay)
    • GScreenOverlay: Overlay images in fixed positions on top of your map div. (From KML's ScreenOverlay)
    • GDirections: Get the polyline and localized directions HTML for a simple to/from query or array of waypoints.
    • GTrafficOverlay: Overlay traffic conditions for major roads on top of the map.
    • GGoogleBar: A shiny control wrapping the AJAX API's LocalSearchControl. The easiest way to let users search for local businesses on the map.
    • GHierarchicalMapTypeControl: A control that shows nested maptypes and checkboxes for toggling.
  • Other fun stuff:
Open source utility library:
  • MarkerManager: The first offering in the open source lib, an open source version of GMarkerManager with additional functionality.
  • LabeledMarker: A GMarker extension that lets you display text ("labels") on top of markers.
  • DragZoomControl: A GControl extension that letsusers zoom by dragging a rectangle of interest (and in latest versions, give them a back button and zoom history!)
  • ExtMapTypeControl: An open source version of MapTypeControl, with an additional Traffic button/key.
  • ExtInfoWindow: A GOverlay extension that lets you create custom info windows with CSS, and easily pull in content with AJAX.
Resources: Increased International Coverage: More searchable & mashable mashups


Monday, January 7, 2008

[Gd] こんにちは and 你好 from Google Maps

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Official Google Maps API Blog: こんにちは and 你好 from Google Maps

開発者のみなさん、こんにちは and 您好,开发者! (Hello Developers!) (This post has been translated into Japanese and Simplified Chinese.) Google operates worldwide, and nowhere is that more self-evident than in Google Maps, where you can actually see the world! We are happy to announce that the entire documentation set for the Google Maps API has undergone translation into Japanese and Simplified Chinese. No, I haven't been spending long hours learning new languages (though it has piqued my interest). We have had the core documentation translated instead. The new Japanese translation of the Maps API Documentation is available at The revised and expanded Chinese translation of the Maps API Documentation is available at We felt that translations of these languages would serve the developer communities in China and Japan well, as they have relatively few English speaking developers. Of special interest are the Maps API Basics sections, which we hope will encourage a new generation of budding developers to start creating Map mashups all over Asia. We look forward to developing more translations of the Google Maps API in the future. Note: although we will try to keep the translated documentation as up-to-date as possible, for now, the English docs will contain the latest information. (If you really need the latest and greatest, be sure to periodically check out the English Maps API Reference, which is updated every few weeks.) 这篇帖子已经翻译成日文简体中文。) Google(谷歌)服务全球,没有哪里比 Google 地图更有信心,使您看到整个世界! 我们非常高兴地宣布 Google 地图 API 完整文档已经翻译成 日文简体中文。 不,并没有等我花这么长时间来学习好新语言后,才开始翻译(尽管它已经激起了我的兴趣)。 然而我们早就应该完成核心文档的翻译。 新的日文版地图 API 文档在: 。 修订并扩充后的中文版地图 API 文档在:。 我们坚信这些翻译文档将更好地服务中国和日本的开发者社区,尤其是那些英文使用较少的开发者。特别需要指出的是地图 API 文档的 "基础" 一节,希望它能鼓励整个亚洲成长中的新一代开发者开始创建精彩纷呈的地图应用程序。 希望未来能有更多语言的 Google 地图 API 文档。 注意:尽管我们将尽量保持翻译文档最新,然而到目前为止,英文文档仍将包含最新的信息。(如果您真的需要最新最好的文档,请定期检查英文版地图 API 参考。我们每几周就会更新它。) 「開発者のみなさん、こんにちは」 「您好,开发者!」 「Hello Developers!」 (この記事は 日本語中国語(簡体字)に翻訳されています。) Googleは世界中にサービスを展開していますが、そのことが一番よく分かるのがGoogleマップでしょう。 Googleマップでは世界中を見ることができるのですから! 本日 Google は Google マップ API ドキュメントの 日本語版中国語(簡体字)版 をリリースしました。といっても私が長い時間をかけてこれらの言語を勉強して翻訳した わけではありません。(それはそれで面白そうですが) そうではなくて、英語のドキュメントを翻訳してもらったということです。 Google マップ API の新しい日本語版ドキュメントは から見ることができます。 修正・拡張した中国語(簡体字)版ドキュメントは から見ることができます。 日本と中国では英語を話す開発者が比較的少ないので、翻訳版のドキュメントが 開発者コミュニティーの役に立つと思っています。特に Google マップ API の基本セクションが、 アジアの新しい時代の開発者にとって Google マップを利用したマッシュアップを 思いついて作成する手助けになれば幸いです。 将来さらに Google マップ API ドキュメントの翻訳を進めていきたいと思います。 注:Google はドキュメントの翻訳版をできるだけ最新に保つようにしていますが、 今のところ、一番新しい情報は英語版のドキュメントに含まれています。 したがって、もし最新の、最も広範囲におよぶドキュメントが必要な場合は 定期的に英語版の Google マップ API リファレンスをチェックしてください。 英語版のリファレンスは数週間ごとにアップデートされます。


[Gd] ChartMaker: A tool for the Google Chart API

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Google Code Blog: ChartMaker: A tool for the Google Chart API

Since we launched the Google Chart API last month we've been thrilled to see so many creative tools written to use it. From Ruby, to Python, to Groovy, it looks like languages are being covered one by one.

Even our own Dion Almaer stepped into the fray with his new ChartMaker tool. ChartMaker, the source code for which is available on Google Code, is an Ajax-based application that makes it easy to experiment with and customize Google Charts.

Have you been building something interesting with the Google Chart API? Please let us know in the comments and join us in the discussion group.