Friday, July 20, 2007

[Gd] LocalSearch Control: 3 New Features!

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Official Google Maps API Blog: LocalSearch Control: 3 New Features!

The AJAX Search team has added 3 new features to the LocalSearch Control to give developers more flexibility:

  • Result List Placement Control
  • Custom Search Form Hint Text
  • Idle and Search Completion Callbacks

You can read all about the new features in the programming guide, or you can try them out here in this LocalSearch control playground. Play with different options to see the resulting control on the map, and then check out the code below the map. Then when you're happy, copy and paste the code into your map app.
Note: If you haven't added a LocalSearch control to your map, you'll need to add several script tags and CSS import statements to your HTML. Check the documentation for more information.

Link to LocalSearchControl playground